Fuck Yeah, Chiptune!

8-Bit Operators - DEVO Tribute - “Crack That Chip!” - PROMO-rufcut
This Election Day…use your FREEDOM OF CHOICE!
STAY TUNED for more.COMING SOON! http://www.8bitops.com

Here’s the song listing in no particular order, but there’s a couple other tracks not mentioned since I haven’t received them yet,

1.8-Bit Operators - freedom of choice (megamix)
2.glomag - peek a boo.
3.Herbert Weixelbaum - it’s not right
4.8 Bit Weapon - Jerkin’ Back N Forth
5.GOTO80 - mongoloid
6.ComputeHer - That’s Good
7.Saskrotch - beautiful world
8.richard hess - snoball
9.BurnKit2600 - auto mowdown
10.Bacalao - Through Being Cool
11.sea64 - going under
12.Bubblyfish - love without anger
13.minusbaby - Whip It
14.Aonami - girl u want
15.Shrimps - uncontrollable urge

and maybe 2 or 3 other tracks..


BoojiBit START-Patrol micro-model by Jesse Turnbull.

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